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Cabaret Cuberdon – Serving you eye candy

Theater Drehleier
Rosenheimer Str. 123
81667 München

Cabaret Cuberdon has been gracing the stage in Gent, Belgium, for over 5 years building quite the reputation.

A perfect mix of classic and neo-burlesque, theatre and cabaret. A show made out of dancers, actors, singers of all genders, made to rock your stage.

Let them give you the night of the year. A night of comedy, sexiness and even a tear or two. Oh. And eye candy, sweet sweet eye candy…

Entrance:      6.30 pm

Show:             8.00 pm

The theater kitchen is open, feel free to eat and drink in the wonderful location.

No service during the show, only before, in the break and afterwards. The show will be hosted in English.

Tickets:         29€ (50% discount for people with a severely                                                     disability certificate)